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Demand for healthcare professionals continues to grow, making competition for talent even tougher. When you partner with Med Ninjas, you’ll always have access to the qualified nurses, allied health professionals, and physicians you need.

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Our healthcare recruitment experts can help you keep up with variable demand and growing patient populations:

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Our Solutions

  • Talent Management:

    Our solution for managing our talent pool effectively with easy methods of sharing our available talent list with current and potential clients.   

  • Jobs Marketplace:

    This unique solution fetches jobs from various job boards and client websites to aggregate them in one place, making it easy for candidates to apply to thousands of jobs with just the click of a button.   

  • Payroll Solutions:

    Our fully customized payroll services provide an all-encompassing solution covering everything related to payroll services. It includes managing employee salaries, providing timely salary disbursements, and ensuring compliance with all of the associated legal requirements.   

  • Statement Of Work:

    We offer a Statement of Work (SOW) management service to eliminate risks and augment returns by contractually defining the project scope, objectives, timelines, and deliverables. Your Statement of Work (SOW) is intended to give you visibility and consistency with every one of your projects, outlying milestones, timelines, valuing, and your engineering specialists' specific roles and duties.  

  • Near Shore Staffing:

    Offshoring offers the ability to cut costs without compromising quality. It’s not always the most convenient options and some businesses are reluctant to cross oceans for their staffing requirements. As a global provider of near-shore staffing solutions, Tek Ninjas provides staffing services directly to small and medium-sized businesses.  

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