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6 Hottest Healthcare Careers to Watch For in 2024

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Like the I.T. industry, the healthcare landscape is transforming rapidly with every passing year. As a result of this continuous shift, there is a growing need for skilled professionals in different roles, from nurses to facility administrators. Healthcare occupations make up around 10% of total employment in the U.S. To be precise, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that jobs in the healthcare sector are expected to increase by 15 to 16% between 2022 and 2032. This is faster than the average for all professions, bringing around 2.4 million new employment opportunities by 2029.

This is good news for anyone considering a career in the healthcare sector. Or maybe you’re planning to switch your job this year. In either case, you must be wondering which healthcare careers are the best in 2024 and beyond.

Therefore, keep reading this blog as we will discuss the most sought-after healthcare jobs experiencing unprecedented growth in 2024.


Best Growing Healthcare Careers in 2024


Undoubtedly, the career paths in the healthcare industry are wide-ranging. While all professions contribute significant value in delivering quality patient care, some roles are distinguished as particularly noteworthy. Let us explore which healthcare occupations garner more attention and why.


  1. Nurse Practitioners


Aspiring nursing practitioners have a reason to rejoice as a report indicates a remarkable 52% growth in this occupation from 2019 to 2029. It is the only profession to encounter the fastest growth in this field. Nursing practitioners are trained and qualified to offer comprehensive services, including diagnosing certain illnesses preliminarily and elevating overall patient care.

They often work with medical teams to deliver patient-focused care with enhanced efficiency. The primary responsibilities of nursing practitioners include evaluating patients, prescribing medicines, and deciphering test results.

As per educational qualifications, nursing practitioners must have a Master of Science (Nursing) or Doctor of Nursing Practice. The curriculum encompasses subjects such as pharmacology, advanced health assessment, and pathophysiology, among others.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the typical earnings of a nurse practitioner amount to $124,680 per annum.


  1. Medical Assistants


In a medical clinic, besides performing patient check-ups, a typical day involves a multitude of tasks, which are crucial for ensuring the clinic’s smooth operation everyday. This is where the role of medical assistants shines. They manage the usual clerical and basic tasks, like scheduling patient appointments, to enable physicians to focus better on diagnosing and treating patients.

The role of medical assistants comprises various administrative tasks such as managing patient records and billing, along with clinical responsibilities like preparing patients for medical evaluations, documenting essential signs and symptoms of a condition, and assisting with specific medical procedures. But that’s not all. Medical assistants also collect specimens, administer medicines, and perform front desk tasks

To become a medical assistant, you will need a degree from a medical assistant program. 

Employment opportunities as a medical assistant are expected to be abundant by 2032, with a growth rate of 14%, again faster than the average of other professions. The average annual salary range of medical assistants in the U.S. is usually between $37,079 and $44,231.


  1. Physical Therapists


Are you passionate about helping people regain mobility after surgery or injury?

If yes, then give shape to your passion and transform it into the profession by becoming a physical therapist. These professionals specialize in restoring movement abilities and helping patients resume an active lifestyle. They offer personalized exercise plans and treatments tailored to patients’ requirements to alleviate pain and improve mobility. 

Enlightening patients and their families on the significance of self-care and tracking progress is a vital part of this role.

A professional physical therapist in the U.S. must have a degree in Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) from a recognized institution, pass a state licensure exam, and complete a one-year residency, which is optional. A DPT degree comprises the usual coursework, clinical work, and a national examination

The demand for skilled physical therapists is particularly high in hospitals, home healthcare services, nursing and healthcare clinics. Physical therapists in the U.S. receive around $97,720 as a median annual salary as of 2022.


  1. Surgical Technologists


Surgical technologists are integral members of an operating room team tasked with meticulously preparing equipment before surgery, maintaining sterility, and aiding surgeons throughout procedures. They also preemptively anticipate the requirement for additional surgical instruments and ensure the necessary supply is readily available. They accurately measure and pass medications as required while assisting other team members with finalizing room sterilization.

From managing supplies to passing over appropriate instruments, surgical technologists play a pivotal role from the start of a procedure till the end. They also perform post-operative tasks such as transferring patients to the room and tending to wound dressing

Surgical technologists primarily work in hospitals and outpatient care centers. They are usually tasked with an extensive variety of pre-operative and post-operative duties.

According to a report in 2022, the average median salary of surgical technologists is $55,960.


  1. Pharmacists


Pharmacists are highly qualified medication professionals. They have an in-depth understanding of every drug available today and specialize in ensuring the safe usage of medications prescribed by physicians. They are acquainted with the biochemical compositions of medications and their impacts, efficacy, and side effects. The job role of a pharmacist generally comprises performing health screenings, dispensing prescribed medications to patients, and offering immunizations.

Pharmacists are employed at hospitals, government facilities, nursing homes, and universities, among other places. They must have a Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) degree and pass the standard admission test, the PCAT.

Pharmacist jobs are expected to grow at a rate of 3% between 2022 and 2032, with around 13,400 job openings over the decade. The median pay for pharmacists is $132,750 per year as of 2022.


  1. Audiologists


Medical professionals with expertise in diagnosing hearing and balance disorders are known as audiologists. They provide relief to patients encountering auditory and vestibular challenges through personalized treatment plans. Besides counseling patients, they offer prevention programs against hearing for adults and children. Audiologists specialize in different hearing equipment, such as inner ear implants and hearing aids.

Audiologists have a wide-ranging scope of practice and often work with physical therapists, social workers, speech-language pathologists, and psychologists, treating patients from every age group.

The growth rate of audiologists is expected to be 11% between 2022 and 2032, which is faster than many other professions. Around 900 audiologist jobs are anticipated to be available in these ten years.

The annual mean salary of audiologists as of 2022 is $82,280. So, if you plan to change your current job, make the most of this year and watch for rewarding audiologist openings.




 From the above discussion, one thing is as clear as crystal – the healthcare industry is growing manifold, making many career options available. Gone are the days when the healthcare sector would comprise only doctors and nurses in the majority. Now, with all these job roles coming under the spotlight, candidates with relevant qualifications and skill sets are much more sought-after than before. So, buckle up and start applying for your dream job. If you’re searching for rewarding job opportunities, Med Ninjas can help. We offer an array of healthcare roles (per diem, contract-to-permanent, and PRN, among others). We employ cutting-edge recruiting and screening methods to help you find the best match possible. Contact us today.



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