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Healthcare staffing – Trends to Watch in 2022

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The transition from a pre– to a post–COVID-19 healthcare environment will be reflected in trends in healthcare staffing. The post–COVID-19 healthcare environment of 2022 will likely be far more complicated than previously anticipated, with vaccinations and COVID-19 testing ongoing, as well as increased strain on healthcare professionals.

However, the pandemic isn’t the only factor influencing healthcare job trends in 2022 and beyond. Changes in the sector are also fueled by new technologies and the constant need to balance patient satisfaction and quality service. 

Thus, employers who want to recruit, hire, train, and retain the best talent must stay on top of these trends. Some of the most essential healthcare job trends are highlighted below.

Virtual Care and Telemedicine 

The Covid-19 pandemic thrust virtual care and telemedicine into the spotlight. As a result, healthcare providers must learn to provide care via digital platforms. This necessitates acquiring new skills, such as handling apps and assessing patients effectively through video calls, phone, or even chat. The goal is to fine-tune communication so that patients and doctors have a consistent, seamless experience. 

Accordingly, when hiring clinical and administrative workers in 2022, firms in the field must consider these new skill requirements.

Shortage of Healthcare Workers

There is a shortage partly because frontline health workers, especially nurses, became worn out during the pandemic and moved on to other jobs or retired.

Hence, a shortage of skilled workers in the healthcare industry may necessitate novel approaches to hiring and managing employees. One solution is to work with health care recruiters to assist in the rapid deployment of skilled temporary workers as needed. This will increase your recruiting resources because they have talent networks that link you to a broader pool of potential individuals.

Growing Demand For Administrative Personnel 

In recent times, patient numbers and demands are on the increase. Thus, more administrative staff is needed to offer supporting roles to overworked and stretched healthcare professionals. Such duties include keeping track of and planning appointments, engaging with patients, and providing managerial and clerical support. 

With this in mind, healthcare organizations must consider non-clinical positions and other administrative duties as they plan for the coming year.

Securing Patient Medical Records With Technology 

For healthcare firms, patient confidentiality and data security are still top priorities. New technology is constantly being developed, modified, and deployed to serve these security needs. Healthcare firms must consider hiring in a holistic way to support these improvements. 

Organizations may require the employment of more technical staff to create, implement, and manage these security solutions in addition to clinical and administrative workers.

Prioritize Short-term flexibility

In the first half of 2022, healthcare organizations should consider more flexible staffing options when faced with the issue of recruiting for permanent positions. Especially as it is not clear how the pandemic would affect patient population throughout the winter time. Though there is some indication that the Delta variant surge is ebbing, experts caution against it.

Now more than ever, healthcare organizations require a pool of credentialed locums who can fill in for shifts as the need arises. As a result, you can meet your needs without changing the nature of your team. Return to some semblance of normalcy afterwards. 

Teaming up with a healthcare staffing agency like Med Ninjas for contract needs during peak periods is the best option.

Retention Issues In The Medical Field 

In 2022, more doctors, nurses, and support personnel will consider a change. Either to non-clinical fields or to other employers who they believe will better suit their needs. Healthcare systems may find recruiting easier if they can present their organizations to those seeking new opportunities as a desirable alternative.

Proactive Workforce Planning 

Healthcare institutions that are proactive in their post-pandemic staffing plan can adapt when required without incurring high operational and financial costs. While staffing planning in 2022 may be different, it’s also a fantastic time to implement changes that will benefit your company, providers, and patients.

Manage your staffing needs by working with a reliable healthcare staffing firm. Med Ninjas will help you to concentrate on bringing in the best talent to join your team while ensuring that you fulfil your objectives on time and on budget.



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